Updated 30 Aug 2011
The NORGIG web site
The NORGIG web site opened in November 2006. The site is a broadband show room for image-based presentations about old, big and extraordinary trees in the northern countries – all around the globe. It is open for people and organizations to share their knowledge, photos and works about old trees and related projects.

The NORGIG web site is a resource for people liking and working with old trees and related activities and projects (also cultural). The NORGIG project shall reflect the old trees role in the ecosystem and in society. We hope that NORGIG will help increase the interest in, and concern about, old trees and encourage people to engage in the preservation of old tree habitats and culturally important old trees.

NORGIG is an abbreviation for 'Nordens Giganter', which means 'the Northern Giants' in Scandinavian languages.
The background
They are the largest land-living beings we have.Many rare organisms depend on them. Often they are a part of our history and culture. They play a role in our relation to nature. But for a long time, big and old northern trees are under threat. What will happen with these giants and the fungi, lichens, insects and birds that need them?

A national Swedish inventory of giant trees made the idea grow of an international image-based old tree web resource. Positive feedback from tree pro's in a few countries boosted the project.
For whom
The NORGIG web site is dedicated to old trees and virgin forests in the North, particularly those above the 55th degree of latitude.

We welcome nature-minded visitors from all over the world and we particularly welcome contributors from the northern states and countries around the globe: Alaska, Canada, Russia, Scotland and the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Often the biggest and oldest deciduous trees are products of a cultivated landscape – a result of livestock needs, land owners tree planting and preindustrial human care for these trees. They and their needle counterparts have played roles in folklore, religion, love, death and as meeting places. In the past, the northern giants have been closely connected to human culture. We hope this relation will develop into the future, also here – at NORGIG.

The organization

NORGIG is a project being owned and administrated by UP Creative Support, a development company located in Uppsala, Sweden. The norgig.com web site is the main part of the project.

If you have a tip or idea about NORGIG, a future theme or project, you are welcome to contact us by e-mail.

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