NORGIG = Extraordinary Northern Trees

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Updated 04 Jul 2014
In Heliorite's online shop you will find selected photos from NORGIG, for both private and professional use.
              Links to selected picture stories about old trees and big trees in the North.

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 Wild Woods      Tree Culture      Wooden Treasures      Pine power      Living Links to Carl Linnaeus      Molla and Mollungen Beech Woods      Färnebofjärden National Park      Tyresta National Park      Näverkärr Coastal Forest      Orisberg Pine Park      Home of the Giant Pines      Spruce Logs    
 Oaks in Winter and Spring    Oaks in Summer and Autumn      Trees and Nature in Uppland    
 Pine Trees and Crones      Pine Trunks and Snags      Fallen Trees    
The best images you will find in Heliorite's online shop. Below you can see a few of them.
Beautiful tree
The big oak Burned forest The old giant Burned out
Lime in green
Svartgessi Fallen oak branch Witch's broom Wood head
Frozen tarn
Bog skeleton Carl Linnaeus' ash By the coast Linnaeus' flowers
Beech wood
Pine silhouette Roots on stone Castle forest Pine by lake
The old troll
Ghost tree The queen's lime Troll wood Mountain pine
Oak silhouette
After the fire Oak bark Mountain stream Forest in fog
Autumn branches
Oak grove Decaying log Moss forest House of the oak
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